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Reactions on Day 1 After The App Killing Update


On the first day after Apple’s App Killing Update, the general feeling around iPhone specific sites and other mobile / gadget sites is glum, sad, and more than a little ticked off at the (hopefully only temporary) demise of 3rd party applications for the iPhone.

Here’s just a quick selection of what I’ve seen last night and today:

Gizmodo Changes Their iPhone Recommendation to Don’t Buy

Screw the unlock for a second. Let’s talk about the those third-party apps. Programs like the faux-GPS, IM clients, Flickr Upload, and NES emulator—what did they ever do but make the iPhone far better than the stock original? They made it far more competitive with open-platform superphones like the Nokia N95, to which I will now be switching.

MacWorld’s Dan Moren – Requiem for a third-party iPhone App

Until then, I guess I’ll just have to console myself with the fact that I can now hit the spacebar twice to type a space and a period. That would be super useful in Instant Messag—oh. Never mind.

Matt Miller at The Mobile Gadgeteer asks if this will kill off 3rd party application development

Scoble says Apple may have a PR nightmare brewing – he said this initially because of updates ‘bricking’ phones (including his son’s) – but I think the PR hit still applies now because of the way the app killing is being received. If so, that would be two PR disasters in about a month. Nice going.

And many others are not optimistic that developers will find a way past Apple’s new lockdown very quickly – with several pointing out that nobody has yet produced a jailbreak for the iPod Touch.

I didn’t do the update yesterday, more out of luck than anything else (had things I had to get done during the first few hours after it was released), and I’m so glad of that now – but I still feel as if today is a sad day overall.

Here’s hoping all this doom and gloom will subside in a few days or weeks, and that third party application development will continue and gain some overdue support from Apple …

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  • Brandon

    Very doom and gloom.

    Apple made a big mistake on this one. They’ve hooked a lot of people with the iPhone… But if they continue to piss them all off a large percentage will not come back for version 2.

    I’m not talking about SIM unlock … I expect that from Apple simply due to contract with AT&T but locking out 3rd party apps was an a-hole move that was not required as far as I know.