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Only2Clicks – iPhone Visual Bookmarks / Start Page Service

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Only2Clicks is a sort of visual bookmarks service, that can be used as a Start page or portal for organizing all your favorite web sites and getting one-click access to them.

I’ve been trying Only2Clicks out a little and liking it so far.  There are plenty of portal-type sites around that offer a similar ability to arrange your favorites on their page – but Only2Clicks has some nice advantages over most:

  • No ads on its pages
  • It offers a few pre-defined tabs to logically group your favorite sites / apps – Home, Shop, and Web 2.0. In the screencaps above, I’ve left the Shopping tab (above left) just as it comes. On the Web 2.0 tab (above right) I’ve added some favorites of mine in.
  • You can add your own tabs for additional categories that make sense for you – for instance, I’ve added a Sports tab and a Forums tab, to easily group frequently used sites that fall into those areas.
  • The thumbnail / snapshot of each site feels good to work with and spot what you’re after quickly

On a desktop machine (where’s it’s best to setup Only2Clicks) you can also drag and drop your favorite sites into different positions according to how often you use them or whatever pattern works for you, just like you would on a personalized Google page, Netvibes or similar.

I’ve tried various portal-type sites on the iPhone, and so far none of them have gripped me. Only2Clicks seems the closest so far to something that could nicely be used as a start page  – one that might help me keep things a little better organized and quicker to get to.

Give it a try on your desktop and iPhone at:



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