Here is the second installment in our "How-To Get and Stay Organized with JOTT and Remember The Milk" Series. Getting Set Up Step 1- Get to the RTM website ( and sign up for an account. The basic account is free, while the Pro account, which includes the iPhone interface among other great services […]
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How-To: Get Organized with Remember The Milk and The iPhone


Here is the second installment in our "How-To Get and Stay Organized with JOTT and Remember The Milk" Series.

Getting Set Up
Step 1- Get to the RTM website ( and sign up for an account. The basic account is free, while the Pro account, which includes the iPhone interface among other great services is just $25 – and you can try it out for size for 2 weeks before you have to pay up.

Step 2- Once you log in you will be greeted by the homepage displaying the  "Today", "Tomorrow", and the "Overdue" tabs. By clicking the button "Continue to Tasks" you will be brought to a new screen with the categories  "Inbox," "Personal," "Study," "Work," and "Sent." Under the "Personal" list you will see a task entitled "Try Out Remember The Milk". This is a default task to help you get the feel for the interface but instead of using it let’s start from the very beginning.  Click on "Add Task", type in "My Practice Task" and hit the "Enter" key. (You can also hit the letter T on your keyboard.) You  have now created your first task.

On the right side of your screen you will see the various details you can customize for this particular task. These include a due TaskProps date, whether it is a single event or a repeating one, the time you expect the task to take and any web site that might be affiliated with it. There is also a notes field that allows you to input any information not already covered by the default items. In the box directly below this is a box marked "Key". Here you can assign a priority to the task and determine how those tasks due Today or are overdue will stand out.  In other words, for each task you create you can provide as much or as little information as you choose.

Once this or any task is complete simply check the box to its left and tap on the button marked "Complete". This will cause it to disappear from view but does not erase it.

Step 3- Customizing RTM
Tasks can be grouped in two way; lists and tags.
Lists— The default lists are Personal, Work, Study and Sent and Inbox. The Inbox and Sent lists are permanent. (The "Inbox" list is for those items that are emailed to RTM (more on that later) and those for which no list is selected. The "Sent" list is for those items that you have sent or assigned to others.)

The other lists can be deleted or edited using the "Settings" button. In addition, you can add as many lists as you please (although I would recommend keeping them to a minimum for simplicity sake). In "Settings" you can also set the default list, that is, the list that appears first and into which new items are automatically placed.

Tags— Like tagging in Gmail (a personal favorite of mine andRTMtags among the reasons I do not miss Outlook) you can assign multiple tags to each item and the flexibly group items in numerous ways depending on y our needs. (Having kept your lists to a minimum go crazy with tags since the more tags you add the more flexibility you will have in sorting your items.

Priorities— Right below can assign each task a priority (from 1 to 3) and also determine how to highlight due and overdue tasks.

Reminders— The Reminder function allows you to receive reminders of current, upcoming and overdue tasks via email, IM (AIM, Google Talk, ICQ, Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger, Jabber and Skype all work!!)RTMReminders and text message. Set up your Reminder preferences under the "Setting s" tab.

Smart Lists— is another great feature, allowing you to create task lists on the fly based on various criteria you predetermine.
The key with all of this is that RTM is as flexible a system as I have ever seen. I recommend, however, that once you find a system that works for you you stick with it rather than constantly change the various settings.

iPhone Integration The reason RTM ROCKS!!!!

All this is good and well but the place where RTM shines, and the reason we are such big fans of it, is the excellent integration with the iPhone and iPod Touch. Once you activate the Pro version (a trial is available) go to Log into your RTM account and be greeted by…. the cleanest, fastest, most user-friendly task management program imaginable.

Navigating the Home Page:

The Home Page gives you near instant access to your most pressing tasks by automatically arranging them under the headings "Today", "Tomorrow", and "This Week" and the number of tasks in each time frame. Tapping the "Lists" button brings up your List Categories and the number of items in each almost immediately. The Tags button does the same only for tags. The same goes for "Locations" which is an excellent way to organize your work flow.   

To create a new task on the iPhone simply tap the "+" sign atRTMAddNewiPhone the top right part of the screen. Add details by touching the field. The keyboard will automatically come up, allowing you to input whatever informatio n you want. When you are done with that field tap "done" and continue the process. Note- when typing a date either put in the entire date or type "Today" or "Tomorrow" RTM will put the date into its preferred format automatically. To edit a task once it is created tap the "edit" button.

Tapping the magnifying glass icon at the top left corner brings up a search field. Tapping in the box places the cursor there and brings up the keyboard. Input the task/s you are looking for and tap done. 
In other words, within a few taps you can find the task or tasks you want.

Creating New Tasks Via Email

Under the "Info" tab at the top of the page you will find your user name and a number of email and web addresses. The most significant one is the Inbox Email address. This is a unique address for your account. Create a new contact in your iPhone address book and name it something unique, easy to remember and simple to type. (I am one of the amazingly creative guys so i named my contact "rtm"!) To create a new task all you have to do is write and send an email to this new contact. It will appear in your "Inbox" in a few moments. From there you can add whatever details you want.

That pretty much covers the basics of RTM and iPhone. I have no doubt that once you try it you will be hooked.

In the third and final installment we’ll give an overview of using some of RTM’s advanced (and growing) features, including JOTT and Gmail and how they make RTM’s integration with the iPhone even better.

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