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Add The Contacts App to Your iPhone Home Screen!!!

iPhone Home Screen screencap

Hurrah – we can finally add the iPHone Contacts app to the home screen …

This has been on *everybody’s* wish-list for the iPhone – the ability to add an icon to the home screen for the iPhone Contacts application.  And thanks to Erica Sadun and MMI, now you can!

No more having to launch the phone app in order to get access to your Contacts list.

Erica had published a ‘TUAW Responds’ post on this a few days back, but it involved a bit of manual labor (a few steps, including editing a plist file) that the lazy and less tech-savvy among us may have shied away from.

Now the good people at MMI (ModMyiFone) have released a one-click solution.  Good stuff … very good stuff.  Just install the Contacts Homescreen application – and that’s it, you’re done and the Contacts app icon is on one of your home screens.

The Contacts Homescreen app can be found under the Productivity category, and in Recent Packages right now of course.

I’ve tried this on 1.1.3 – not sure whether it works on lower firmware.

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  • as a girl who has been reluctant (and too chicken!) to date to jailbreak her iphone, this kind of shortcut is useful enough for me to hope that an official version is released after the SDK is available…

  • I would think the odds are good of getting your wish, as there are now this app, and a speed dial app with the Contacts app and individual entries contained within it, and the Search app to search through contacts and calendar …

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  • Sven

    I think we have a spyware pandemia. Starting with government, ending with developers. Internet privacy intrusion is a standard. Using Facebook for privacy penetration is a standard. Mobile phone privacy intrusion starts to be common too. Recently, I bought software from ModMyiFone, Home Contacts. Try to enter the contact when not connected to internet. Impossible. Every time you use this program it connects to developer (or who knows whom) when on WiFi. Buyer is not informed about all this and there is no any button to switch it off. I think Apple Store policy is wrong, Apple is not actively spying on Iphone users but allows others to do so. It should be forbidden.

    • A few points to note on this, as it's a subject we've looked at a bit recently:
      — The App Store license agreement warns users that certain info about them may be uploaded etc.
      — The vast majority of this data – usually collected for (IMO) perfectly valid analytics reasons – is 'anonymized', which I think roughly means pooled together in such a way that one individual's data cannot be traced back to them.
      — If you bought software from ModMyiFone, you likely bought a jailbreak app – in which case you can't really blame Apple for anything the app is doing – as they do not authorize jailbreak and in fact consider it 'illegal'.
      — If you are jailbroken there is an app called PrivaCy – that lets you exert some control over data collected by apps on your iPhone.