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AppFlow = CoverFlow for Launching Apps on the iPhone

AppFlow iPhone CoverFlow app

AppFlow lets you use CoverFlow to scroll through and launch apps on the iPhone

Who needs an SDK eh?  With each passing week, iPhone hackers and developers are figuring out more of the innards of the iPhone anyway – and producing more and more cool apps.

The latest clear demonstration of this is AppFlow – just released by Erica Sadun – which allows you to scroll through all your apps and launch them using CoverFlow. 

It works and it’s very cool – this beats the heck out of filling up ever-expanding home screens with all your favorite app icons.  Apps are shown in alphabetical order and a quick double-tap launches any of them.

Excellent work.  This one not only lives on Home Screen Number 1, but should eliminate a few screens worth of app icons for me.

AppFlow is not on Installer yet, so go get it HERE, and maybe try out that ‘Donate’ button if you’re using and enjoying any of Erica’s apps.

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