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iPhone Icon Guide

Here’s a cool one from redeyechicago.com. It’s a guide that explains what all of the smaller system icons mean on your iPhone. Apparently this was lifted from Apple… I want to hunt down the source URL on apple.com, so if you find it please send my way 🙂

Update: Source URL found at Apple Support (Thanks Jacob!)

At any rate, click the image below for a slightly larger, easier to read version!

iPhone Icon Guide

[via redeyechicago.com]

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  • this was lifted from the support page

  • Thanks Jacob!

  • Wow! Nice iphone guide I was wondering what all these smaller icons mean. After going through this article now I came to know the importance of these icons. Looking for more updates on these, thank you.

  • yunk

    thanks i was that looking for ….. really thanks jacob

  • Theresa

    That Litly phone/typewriter icon thingy was really bothering me now i know it is the TTY icon

  • vincent

    my iphone got a small circle on the right side of the cell signal.. what does that mean? it only starts to happen when i tried swapping out sim cards.. my phone is already open line when I purchased from singapore..

  • Wally

    Mine has the same small circle as well, this too only started when I swapped sim cards

  • Sam

    Mine has a circle too, but I haven’t done anything like try to swap my sim card at all. I noticed it disappears when you make a call and returns when you hang up. Can anyone help?

  • I have this tiny icon near the battery one, it looks like a message one and have an Exclamation point, does somebody knows the meaning?

  • We need to find out what this little dog is because I have it too!

  • Not dog I meant dot

  • Michael

    i also have that red exclamation point icon next to my battery and i have no idea what it is!!!

  • Hillbilly

    I have a small arrow/pointer, not the music is playing arrow. In the upper right corner of my screen. It is bugging the heck out of me because I can’t figure out what it means. answer to jmsapettit at Ywho. thanks

  • Dean

    I have an icon beside the battery which is an incomplete circle with an arrow at one end. Inside is a padlock. Does anybody know what this means?

  • josh

    i have the lock with the circle also and now my keyboard wont flip to landscape any ideas

  • Crimz

    I also had the little mouse arrow next to my alarm icon for a minute… no clue… HELP!!

  • Dan Cassady

    That little arrow in the upper right is for your location services. It’s in your general settings. It appears when they’re turned on.

  • Sandra

    Yeah, now all of I sudden I can’t flip to landscape to type and I have the lock with the circle up by the battery indicator. How do we correct this nonsense? I did NOTHING with a SIM card!

  • Sandra

    Called Apple and solved my problem. Double click on the home button, then scroll the toolbar on the bottom to the right so you will again see that icon, but larger. Click on it and keyboard orientation is unlocked.

  • derek

    Thanks Sandra for the solution to the “portrait orientation” locked.

  • Sherly

    Tks so much Sandra that issue was bugging me for months….it’s solved!!!!

  • chee seng

    Hi Sandra, derek (Feb16, 2011)or Sherly (Feb20, 2011). Old man here, can pls elaborate on procedure to unlock keyboard orientation? Where is “Home” button?

  • chee seng

    OK found HOME key, still befuddled. iPhone 3GS was working perfectly until I upgeaded to OS 4.3.1. Aiyah.

  • joel

    thx all it was the screen orientation lock icon.

  • BB


    Thanks worked a treat, god isnt everything simple when you know the answer !

  • Tripatpal


    My iphone 4 round shaped arrow pointing downwards and it has a lock inside it. Please help me what that icon means. Thanks. i can send the screenshot as well, just send me an email at tripatpal@yahoo.com.

  • Andy

    i have a circle arrow point down with a lock in it can anyone help me i think it has something to do with when you rotate your phone your screen doesnt rotate and i would like it back to normal, thanks

  • Karin

    The circle arrow point down with a lock in it means fixing to rotate. You can turn it off: dubbele click at the button, slide to the right and see your music icons. At the left thers is a circle arrow, to unlock tip on it…

  • Andy

    thank you so much karin!

  • Caleb

    What does the lock symbols with a arrow circling it on my Iphone mean. It’s right next to my battery display in the upper right hand corner of my screan

  • Larissa

    i have an icon that’s not on the list – just appeared today – bothers the hell out of me…. its like the “lock” icon but circled with an arrow. Oh… I know see that Caleb has the same icon )) help!

  • Larissa

    oh… got it – thanks Karin ))

  • Trenna

    Well…guess I shoulda read all the messages first…lol got it figured out…Thank You!!!

  • Kayla

    I have the arrow lock thing…. But I can’t get it fixed…. Firs idk what you mean by home key??? Someone help!!!

  • Stonk

    In regards to the little circle with the exclamation point in it next to either your battery or other item on top right side of the Iphone 4s this indicates that a Text or other message has been received and was blocked. If you have Cydia installed and also installed a call blocking app suck a Iblacklist and blacklisted text or mms messages, this indicates that one had been received and blocked from showing. Go to Iblacklist and open it up and it will show you the blocked message.

    Have a nice day

  • Ray

    I have an icon I cannot find in the documentation. It is next to the battery icon…..a squished shaped rectangle with a solid dot on the top. Looks like a cigarette with a marble balanced on top

  • chandan

    I need seprate icons to download which is best website.

  • Nick

    Left side I have my signal bar. Then it says sprint. Then my wifi strength bar. Clock time in the middle. Battery percentage and battery icon on the right.

    My curiosity:
    At times the word sprint will change to extended. What does that mean? When not in wifi the wifi bar will change to 3G. But other times the small circle will replace the wifi or the 3G. What is the small circle mean?

  • Laurie

    what does the little lock with the circle with an arrow around it right to the left of the battery level mean

  • Laurie

    i cannot get that circle with arrow around lock off my phone someone please help. none of your answers make sense on my phone

  • Kstewart

    I have a padilock with an arrow around it what does that mean

    • Steezyy

      It means that the screen is locked in portrait mode, soo If you tilt the device sideways the screen will remain normal. You can turn it off by pressing the home button twice & the multitask bar should appear on the bottom, scroll all the way to the left till you see the play button for music, there next to it should be the same pad lack icon press it to turn it on & vice versa.

  • Questioning

    my husbands iphone sometimes has a grey dot on find my iphone for an hour at lunch but has a green dot the rest of the day. what does it mean?