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eWallet for iPhone and Other Ilium Plans

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I’ve been a big fan of, and constant user of, the eWallet password manager application for years, on Palm, Windows Mobile, and the Windows desktop.  I did a post back at the end of last year talking a little about the eWallet web companion, and its iPhone optimized version

So I’m as happy as anyone to hear Ilium confirming their plans to bring eWallet to the iPhone – and to continue developing the web companion product so that your secure digital wallet info is available to you just about anywhere.  Marc’s blog post at Ilium’s blog site has a lot of definite good news, and some promising sounding hints, for fans of ewallet and Ilium’s other award-winning mobile apps.

If you’re not already familiar with eWallet, it is well worth a look – definitely one of the very best password manager / digital wallet apps for mobile and the (Windows) desktop. 

Some of the good news Marc shared at the Ilium Blog site on Monday:

eWallet is expected to be ready to go when the App Store for the iPhone goes live in June.

Support for the Touch looks like it will be on the cards as well.

We may well see some of Ilium’s other leading titles – like ListPro and NewsBreak perhaps – ported over to the iPhone in the not too distant future as well.

There are some other hints on more possible good news, a lot more on Ilium’s plans, and a link to get yourself on the ‘let me know’ list for when there is more eWallet for iPhone release news, at:

eWallet for iPhone

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