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Bookmarklets App – Easy Way To Add Copy/Paste, Find in Page And More to iPhone’s Safari

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Over the last few months a whole lot of good new functionality has been crammed into the iPhone’s Mobile Safari browser via a number of clever bookmarklets.  Several of these even go a little ways towards filling in some big gaps in the iPhone’s abilities – adding things like a (limited) copy and paste function and a way to view some Flash content in the browser.

Bookmarklets provides a quick and easy way to get most of the best and most popular bookmarklets of this type.  Just install the Bookmarklets app, and you’ll have added these super-useful bookmarklets:

  • Find In Page – search for and highlight text within the web page you’re on, as shown in the screencap top left
  • Open in New Tab – will open next link you tap in a new tab / page
  • Tabulation – Javascript tabs implementation to let you manage if next links are opened in tabs etc.
  • iTransmogrify – alows you to play some Flash content by ‘transmogrifying’ it
  • iCopy – adds some copy and paste functionality to Safari

Adding all of these really adds a lot of power to your browsing on the iPhone, and rolling them into one install so you don’t have to bother with syncing them across from Safari on the desktop is a very good idea.  Bookmarklets is from the Big Boss source, provider of Boss Tools (for freeing up space to install apps), Boss Prefs (a Preferences extension that lets you toggle services like WiFi, Bluetooth, others On and Off), and Categories (which helps organize and clear clutter from your home screens).

You can grab Bookmarklets on Installer now, as long as you have Big Boss among your sources – the URL for it is:


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