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iPhone Theme Builder – Make Your Own Summerboard Themes, On The iPhone

ThemeBuilder iPhone appThemeBuilder iPhone app screencap

How many times have you been choosing a new Summerboard theme for your iPhone and wishing there was an easy way to take the icons from one theme, and the wallpaper from a second one, to come up with your own perfect theme?  ThemeBuilder makes it easy to to do this, right on the iPhone itself …

Customizing the iPhone’s home screen appearance is often the number one reason that people jailbreak, and for many of us it is not a one-time thing by any means.  We find a theme that we think is the greatest ever, and 2 weeks later it just has to go and we’re searching for a fresh look.  And eventually, you’ve seen lots of themes you like a lot, but you’d like to tweak them to your tastes. 

ThemeBuilder is going to be a big hit with everyone who enjoys switching their themes around and adding a little personal spin on them as well.  It’s easy to use and within a couple of minutes of installing it, you’ll be previewing and applying your own new themes.  As you can see in the screencap at top left, the main ThemeBuilder interface is modeled after the Installer main screen.  The screencap top right is the Litho theme with an altered background image, chosen from the ThemeBuilder’s TB Demo Image Pack.

Creating your own theme is a breeze with this app.  You can start with a clean slate and build a brand new theme, or edit an existing one (ThemeBuilder sees all your installed Summerboard themes).  Either way you go, the program makes the process quick and easy.

You simply tap on Wallpaper to browse through and choose your preferred background image, tap Icons to go through each of your installed apps (it does not yet have icons to cover *all* possible 3d party apps, but has a good range), and do the same for the Dock and Status Bar.  Once you’ve made your selections, there’s a preview button to use before saving your new or modified theme. 

ThemeBuilder iPhone app example

Above is a theme using the iWood Realize icons, but ditching its shelves and giving it a new wallpaper.

ThemeBuilder has just been released, so there are some parts of it that are not built out yet, but promise to be good features in future.  Right now, there is only one demo image pack, with a fairly limited range of icons and wallpapers etc. to choose from.  I think this app will likely prove very popular, so we should lots more sets getting released fairly soon.  I could not find a way to modify an existing theme, but save it under a new name as yet either.  This would be helpful, so you’re forced to overwrite an existing theme when editing it. 

ThemeBuilder is already great fun though, and willonly get better as new image sets come out for it.  It’s available on Installer now.  To find it, you’ll need to have the BigBoss source, which is:


You’ll also need to install the TB Demo Image Pack, so that you’ve got some wallpapers and icons to get started with.

We’d love to see some fo your creations when you get a chance to play with ThemeBuilder …

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  • aggieman

    wow, good find. I will definitely have to check this out when I get off work. Lots easier than dragging and dropping icons between folders thru SSH.

  • Yeah, it really makes things very easy. Now all it needs is some sort of ‘good taste’ filter for guys like me who splodge all sorts of incompatible stuff together 🙂

  • tino

    this is a great app. i used it n it works realy well. i cant wait till there are more icons for it. peace out

    • kiki

      where do you get it

      • You probably don't anymore. This post is over 2 years old and Summerboard disappeared long ago.

  • Hey tino – it really is a cool app, and I’m looking forward to seeing more icon / wallpaper etc. packs for it as well …

  • awesome.. thanks for sharing this info

  • zeke0624

    where do i find this app

    • I doubt whether you will. We wrote about this 1.5 years agao, when Summerboard was still around. I do not recall seeing this, or an equivalent, for Winterboard at all.

  • JoJo

    But in the APP store they say that this applicAtion doesnt exist!!!
    Please help me!!!

    • This was never an App Store app – it was a jailbreak app, found in the Installer jailbreak app store (which no longer exists). It used to be on the BigBoss source – so perhaps search in Cydia – but keep in mind that the Summerboard theming platform also no longer exists.

  • Nick

    where is it from

  • LUIS


    • Yes – but Theme Builder is no longer of any use as it is made to work with Summerboard themes, which are no longer in use.

  • hehehhe

    does it have to be installer cant it be cydia

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