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Software Review: Let ToMacs Take Care of Syncing!

ToMacs Syncing Solution for MacCommunication develops into my most favorite topic, it seems – this time I want to talk about communication between Macs.

When I bought my new Mac Mini (after realizing that I would not have a hardware backup if my beloved Powerbook gets lost) the problem occurred almost naturally:

You got two Macs, which is a nice feature, but there are things that should be there only once – the calendar and the address book to name the most obvious ones… Let me guide you through the process of synchronizing your two Macs via ToMacs:

1. Connection: Since under Leopard internet sharing is a very easy task, a connection between the two was a breeze:

– Configure secure internet sharing (within the “sharing” button in your preferences panel). For this I had to activate AirPort on the mini in spite of it being connected to the net via cable. This nowadays allows me to basically use the mini as an AirPort station with my Powerbook! This is a cool thing on its own – without airport being able to connect to the net from anywhere… Quite a luxurious thing to have I’d say 😉

– Recognized my notebook via the Finder after activating the AirPort connection between the two computers

– Upon opening ToMacs on the system you built up the connection from you should see both Macs in the leftmost sidebar – now choose the distant Computer and either check some check boxes for miscellaneous things to sync or under preferences configure Your own folders or apps to sync! That’s it! It works as a charm for my setup, the only thing bothering me right now is the fact that syncing is a new dimension of the word sluggish.

After a very thorough search over the internet I found busysync, which is very nice for ICal synchronization (my biggest syncing issue) but, well, limited to iCal… then for the address book there’s another cheap sync app (You get the idea)… ToMacs tries to solve all your syncing problems at once!

ToMacs Syncing Solution for Mac

So have a look at ToMacs (website is in french!)…or download from MacUpdate… and if you have any additional remarks, please find me responsive and willing to answer any questions in the forums!

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  • Ian

    You might want to point out that the web site appears to be only in French.

  • Oui! Thanks Ian 🙂

  • madmacmat

    excusez- moi, Msieurs… I didn’t remember that one cause basically You don’t have to do much at the website as well- Mayor, couldn’t You just link to the respective Macupdate page- maybe a little less obtrusive…

    btw, while I focussed on syncing in my article, the software actually is much more powerful: if there is no other Mac connected, You can back up the respective files onto an external hard drive or to a different account on the same Mac!

    cheers, mat