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Runners Rejoice: Nike+ Coming to iPhone and iPod Touch

Nike+ Coming to iPhone and iPod TouchMark Wilson over at Stuff.tv reports that the Nike+ running companion is definitely coming to the iPhone and iPod Touch. He was at Nike’s headquarters in Oregon, and was fortunate to have a little chat with a Nike+ spokesperson.

The interesting bit here is that the Nike+ on the iPhone or iPod touch could allow you to update your training long on the fly, while you are in the middle of a workout. Head out for your run and send in  your data via wireless without having to connect to your computer at all. Convenient! Looks like Nike+ is shaping up to be an even better companion and training tool for your run.

Only potential problem here I see for some is the size. The iPhone and iPod Touch are much larger than the nano. The nano fits comfortably in your hand, a holster or in your pocket and weighs nothing at all. I could see the extra size (and value!) of the iPhone and Touch being a concern for some runners. However, I suppose adding the Wi-Fi and possible GPS capability down the road could make it a great trade-off.

Interestingly enough this news comes on the heels of rumored reports of GPS coming to the iPhone 2.0. Nike+ plus GPS… Can you see the possibilities!?

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