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New iPhone Firmware Will Allow Saving Pictures from Safari

iPhone firmware 2.0 save pictures from Safari

The latest beta version of Apple’s iPhone 1.2.0 firmware gives you the possibility of saving pictures straight from Safari and into the Photo Album. We tried and it works: just hold your finger against an image for a longer time than usual and the popup dialog will appear.

The more information that leaks out about the upcoming iPhone 2.0 firmware, the more we are seeing that Apple is ticking off features that iPhone hackers have already mastered, and adding them to the new version of the OS.

Last week we saw evidence of  a contacts search capability and embedded YouTube support in iPhone 2.0, both of which have been available for many months on the jailbreak software side.  Today Gizmodo reports that the new firmware will allow you to save pictures straight from the Safari browser.  This is also a feature that’s been around for a while via a 3rd party hack.

Great to see Apple catching up – a bit – with what lots of unsupported iPhone devs have been doing for quite a while – and of course these will all be very welcome features (especially if you have not jailbroken your phone and have not seen these yet) …

Via: Gizmodo

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  • News like this just makes me more excited for the new firmware! But time is passing quickly and June is almost here – woo hoo!