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Safari-Blocking Rumors Are Bunk According to PayPal

Safari-Blocking Rumors are Bunk According to PayPalPaypal have responded on the widespread rumors that PayPal would be banning certain browsers, including Apple’s Safari.

In a quote from the Wall Street Journal, PayPal Corporate Communications spokesman Michael Oldenburg commented:

“PayPal is developing features to block customers from logging into PayPal when using obsolete browsers on outdated or unsupported operating systems. An example of such a browser/OS combination might be, for example, Internet Explorer 4 running on Windows 98. In doing so, we better protect our customers from viewing a phishing site through their browser. We have absolutely no intention of blocking current versions of any browsers, including Apple’s Safari, from our website.”

With those strong words it looks like Safari will be safe from any ban.

Thanks to SidinKeyWest for sending this in.

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