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IntelliScreen – New iPhone App Shows Today Screen Type Info on Lock Screen

Intelliscreen5 IntelliScreen iPhone Lock Screen app

Need to know where your next meeting is? Do you have any new email? What about a quick glimpse at your SMS/Text messages or weather? Want to catch the latest news, but Safari is too slow? IntelliScreen allows you to glimpse at your critical data on your iPhone "Slide to Unlock" screen!

Things have been seeming a little quiet on the 3rd party apps front for the iPhone for the last week or so.  Not any more!  IntelliScreen is a killer new application that lets you view a ton of good Today screen (for any of you ex Windows Mobile users) sort of information on your iPhone’s Lock Screen.

IntelliScreen is at just an early (0.7) beta release, but already looks quite polished and provides some great functionality.  One thing that is very encouraging to see right out of the gate: the developer is already providing rapid and excellent support for it.  I discovered it this afternoon via the MMi forums, and psuskeels from Intelliborn is providing support, discussing user wish list items, and answering questions almost faster than users can ask them in a thread over there.  Very cool to see that.

Read on for the lengthy feature list and some more screencaps of IntelliScreen …

IntelliScreen IntelliScreen for iPhone

Here’s the full feature list straight from Intelliborn:

    * View Calendar, Email, Text Messages, News, Sports, and Weather from your iPhone "Slide To Unlock" screen
    * Smooth scrolling across each item to quickly glimpse at your data
    * Auto-Checks Email when you view the unlock screen – no need to "Refresh" from Mail.app or wait 15 minutes
    * Go directly to the application of your choice with a "Swipe"
    * Precise International Weather (by Zip) provided by Weather Underground.com
    * News Feeds include Yahoo!, CNN, Fox News, and Reuters (more coming soon!)
    * ESPN Sports Feeds include MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, NCAA Men’s Football and NCAA Women’s Basketball
    * Customizing your IntelliScreen is easy! Choose which content you want to view and where
    * Mail and Text Messages can be shown only if new items are available

Another thing that’s very impressive about IntelliScreen and its developers – they’ve already built in an excellent safety measure for the application – a self-disabling feature:

The app will prompt you and self-disable upon error, or when it does not show the Lock Screen twice during a SpringBoard session


It’s very nice to see this level of care and protection built into an app from the outset, as there have been a few recently released programs that have caused problems and instability for users, without any sort of protections built in against conflicts with other apps.

IntelliScreen already offers pretty good levels of customization – letting you set your preferences for which items to display, in what order, which news feeds to use, and so on.  As always with this sort of application, there is room for lots more personalization that I’m sure lots of us would like to see.

From the looks of things, Intelliborn seem very responsive to users’ suggestions and feedback.  Hopefully this will remain a strong point for them, and we’ll see rapid updates and further feature enhancements soon for this already very promising app.

IntelliScreen is out now in Installer.  Add this source in order to see it:


Via: MMi

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  • tirebouchon

    Hello, the repo does not seem to work. Any idea?

  • Repo is working for me, at least as of 10 minutes ago, as I just updated to 0.8 version.
    One thing I did notice yesterday, is that IntelliScreen did not show in Recent Packages after adding the source – so I just went to All Packages and searched for it – it showed up fine that way.

  • Ragart

    Geez this is a coo lproram. Love 0.8 for not blocking the clock. Clock Blocking is bad 😉

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  • Percy

    Absolutely recommend it!.

  • Ken Critchley

    Any place for tasks? A feature I use on my winmo phone but would love on the iphone.

    • Sorry – I don't think so, but can't recall for sure. I'm not currently running my phone jailbroken, so can't test it out for you.

  • darryl

    Hey does this consume a lot of battery power??.

    • I don't think it was too excessive – but it's been a long, long while since I've used it – sorry.

  • Hi, I am yet to install IntelliScreen for my phone. It would be great if IntelliScreen lets you order and customize what information you want to see. Hope to install it soon and experience my completely new iphone features.

  • patrick

    any other apps available. wouldlike to test out different options. getting tired of my blackberrys small screen