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iPhone + Ebooks = Nirvana (Except for Sony, Amazon etc…)

Good news for lovers of ebooks!

In a recent post  over at the Mobileread forums "Nate the great" wrote–

"By the end of the year Mobipocket will release upated readers for the various platforms, as well as release a new reader for the Apple iPhone."

Many have been hoping (and assuming) that one of the early new applications brought to the iPhone in the next months will be the ability to read ebooks.
In fact Mike Cane went so far as to declare all other ereaders DEAD.

Nate’s post not only confirms that it WILL happen but that it will happen in the not too distant future.

In response to Nate’s post Kevin Tofel over at JKOnTheRun asks- "iPhone getting a Mobipocket eBook client. What’s that mean for Amazon’s Kindle?"

I have one recent Kindle purchaser’s answer…

Yep- I bought a Kindle a week ago and it is on its way back to Amazon.

Mind you, it isn’t just the Mobipocket announcement that prompted the return.

I have been reading ebooks for a while now. At first I read on my pocketpc. I then used my UMPC. Most recently I have been using a first generation Sony Reader.

I find ebooks convenient and practical. I love being able to have so many books with me at one time. I love not having to carry the additional weight– especially when I travel. I like being part of the "KillLessTrees" club. And as someone who reads a lot on a variety of screens I have begun to prefer it to, for example, dealing with inky newpapers that need to be folded and turned every page.

The Kindle "wowed" me on a number of levels.

The "whispernet" is downright cool. The navigational "Shiny slidy thingy" on the side (sorry for the technical jargon) is neat and, while not elegant, works well. The keyboard makes note taking quite easy. The screen is very nice.

And I DID NOT find the large buttons for advancing pages an issue.

Most of all, I loved being able to email a document and have it returned to the Kindle in Kindle-loving format.

So why is it on the way back?

Because while it may have "wowed" me, it didn’t "wow" me enough!

First- the whispernet works well when there is a signal. Unfortunately, "When there is a signal" is a synonym for "anywhere but my house".
Yes, I live in the most populated state but don’t get a signal. (At least I can take comfort in the fact that, unlike some people, I have two Apple Stores within ten minutes of me.)

Second- I already own the Sony Reader and the Kindle isn’t THAT much of an advantage for me. It isn’t all that often that I was to order and get a book on the spot.

Third- I got a trial subscription to the New York Times on the Kindle but found myself continuing to read the Times on the iPhone. With the NYTimes’ mobile site and the iPhone in landscape reading is an absolute pleasure.

Fourth- I am one of those folks who is really, really, really, hoping for an iTablet.

AND, even without the iTablet, when companies like Mobipocket release the iPhone app I will likely be doing a whole lot of my reading on the "Wonder Device".

So when my friend Jamie emailed me Kevin’s post to me and asked, "oooh… can you still return the Kindle???"

I responded, "ALREADY DONE".

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