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NemusSync = Easy, Wireless iPhone / Google Calendar Sync

NemusSync iPhone wireless Google Calendar sync

NemusSync is new iPhone application that lets you sync with Google Calendar wirelessly – and it does it well and easily.  This is – of course – a great feature to have for your iPhone calendar.

I had previously used SyncJe for wireless sync with Google Calendar –NemusIcon2 but it required GooSync or another SyncML, has not been getting much update love of late, and had frequent problems.  So far, NemusSync is much more straightforward to work with.

You can add multiple accounts (though I’ve only tried one so far), and set  which calendar you want to be the default, as well as whether you want one-way or two-way sync enabled.

So far, syncs are very quick for me – and I’m liking this new app a lot …

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  • Fun Bobby

    OMG, it is finally here! This is a killer app for me. I had tried SyncJe and had no success at the time becuase they did not support 1.1.3. Now that I can sync over the air to my Google Calendar, I don’t have to sync my iPhone with my work laptop! This is huge because my media content is on my home PC. I have been carrying around a portable hard drive so I could have the same iTunes content on my laptop, but that was a pain the butt. Syncing from home for media and over the air for email and calendar is the way to go. Thank you NeumusSync! I will be installing you shortly.

  • cmgaviao

    Great… when can I get this through the app store????

  • cmgaviao – I have not heard of any plans to bring this one to the App Store so far …

  • quingamo

    Wow. if this app is as great as it sounds i want it ASAP. Someone please tell me this one is going to hit the AppStore soon? I can not afford to jailbreak my iPhone or anything like that. Anyone knows how to get in contact with the developer of NemusSync? I would not mind to pay for this app on the AppStore if it works as i expect

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