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Designers Once Again 'Milking' the Apple Look

The Designers\' Workspace from \'Milk\'Yesterday, I commented on a portable classroom design that seemed to be heavily influenced by the iPod. Today however I’ve found a product which not only seems to be influenced by the same chic Apple design but is also made for Apple users.

Its called MILK.

A 51×31 inch desk designed specifically as a personalized work space for lovers of Macs, MacBooks, Ipods and all other Apple accessories. A fully functional, fully personalized work station, made specifically to match your Mac.

The desk was designed by Holmris Hasen of Scandinavia not for commercial or business use but as a personal desk for himself. “I needed a desk that was simple but never boring. Smart but never overly sophisticated. I wanted a desk that was worth falling for.”

Since then however MILK has matured and is now being sold online. You can now buy your own MILK workstation direct from the Milkman with all the bells and whistles to make your home office, a Mac home office.

The Milk Workstation

The Milk Workstation With Aquarium

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  • Councillor Wes

    I must have this! This is an amazing desk!!

  • Sebhelyesfarku

    You moron minimalist Scandinavian design existed for decades before Apple started to use it.

  • Les Posen

    “shiek” = chic?

  • Councillor Ben

    I realize that minimalist design was around before Apple, Sebhelyesfarku but its obvious that this desk was designed to match Apple products.

    Thanks for the spelling pick up Les.