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Slick MacBook Air Keyboard – On The iPhone


Bored with the standard iPhone keyboard layout?  Always fancied a it of that MacBook Air keyboard goodness? 

If so, you may want to check out this latest mod for the iPhone keyboard – the MacBook Air Keyboard, from katak.

I tried to resist this one, but it just looked shiny and pretty and I had to give it a try.  May be just my poor eyesight, but the keys on it look and feel smaller than the normal keyboard – but despite that I find myself liking it quite a bit so far.

The app warns you during its install that you should uninstall any other customized keyboards prior to installing it, or abort the install if that is not something you want to do.

I’ve uninstalled the app and reverted back to the normal keyboard without any issues – just to test – and have since gone back to the MBA style and it’s growing on me.

You can find the MacBook Air Keyboard on Installer now, via the Planet-iPhones source – which is part of Community Sources now, so you should not need to add any sources for this one …

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  • jjvaldez

    this looks clean… I think that areacode415 of EIC was sporting this a while ago..

    Makes me sad I’m not JB

  • nate94gt

    looks good, but it doesnt flow w/ the color scheme on the iphone

  • nate94gt

    ummm……. i see one small problem.

    wheres the spacebar? Maybe im just a complete retard (well i am, but thats for another post), but i see no spacebar.

  • nate94gt – the spacebar is not there in that screencap only because I took it while in the Safari browser, so it’s showing he altered set as you don’t generally need / want a space in a URL. Spacebar is definitely there when I fire it up in, for example, the Notes app.

  • nate94gt

    see.. thats why i called myself a retard 😮

  • Looks nice. Although spacebar is not visible in the above picture, however if it is there this MacBook Air Keyboard serves the purpose well. Hope to use this in future. Keep posting such interesting blogs.

  • Great Poster !!!