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AT&T 3G Coverage Map – Not A Lot of Blue!


Gear Diary has a good post up highlighting just how much of the US is *NOT* currently in an AT&T 3G coverage area, and suggesting that potential iPhone 3G buyers take a good, long look before purchasing.

The legend for what coverage is available where on the map is:

* Blue = 3G
* Dark Orange = EDGE
* Light Oranage = GPRS
* Banded, Light Orange = Partner GPRS

It’s pretty striking how little blue there is on that map.  I’m lucky – Austin has had excellent 3G coverage for quite a while now  but that map looks daunting overall.

Food for thought if the 3G speeds are your only, or one of your primary reasons, for thinking of getting the iPhone 3G.

Via: Gear Diary

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  • jjvaldez

    this is sad that a lot of people will pay the 3g rate and not be covered by it šŸ™

  • ColsTiger

    Unfortunately, that map is not current. We’ve had 3G activated in Columbus, GA since May and it still doesn’t show up on the coverage map. I’m sure Columbus is the only area that is not showing up. The only way to know if you have 3G is to either ask someone that is already using a 3G phone or call your local at&t retail store.

  • ColsTiger – yeah, I’m not surprised that map has some out-of-date parts, especially as AT&T is building out their network as we speak.
    One other way to check on things is to use their locator maps, where you can enter your address / zip details and see what they say the current status is around you:

  • KarmaGhost

    Definitely check out the interactive coverage viewer on AT&T’s website. While overall it doesn’t look like 3G covers many areas, you maybe be surprised to find your particular section of the country actually gets a fair amount of coverage. I live in Central PA and when you zoom in, there are a lot of smaller populated areas with 3G that you can’t see when the map is zoomed way out as it is here.

  • Verizonguy2

    Well, it is just unfortunate that you at&t people even have to discuss that it would be a suprise if there was coverage in that area. I am with Verizon Wireless. I don't even have to look at a map to know if I will have coverage. I have never seen it not say 3g on my phone. Same prices on the plans too…. Why are you guys with At&t again???