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Free VNC Client Now Available In iPhone App Store


Here’s something I was not expecting to see in the App Store anytime soon, with all of Apple’s restrictions and rules.  There is now a free VNC client app available – Mocha VNC.

With Mocha VNC you can connect to a remote Windows PC or Mac, work with files, and control the computer remotely.  It works with a good range of known desktop VNC programs, is a lightweight app and is free. 

I haven’t had a chance to try out Mocha VNC just yet, but will do very soon.  You can find it under the Business section in the App Store …

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  • YeOldie

    I just downloaded and give this app a try on my phone & network. It works almost perfectly on my WLAN, and a bit slower but usable over 3G/VPN. I am quite impressed with how well this works from my phone, and I can honestly say this will save me a lot of time finding Wi-fi when I’m out of the office and one of my users needs assistance.

  • YeOldie – cool, glad to hear it’s working well for you. Always good to be able to have effective remote support solutions on hand …

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  • SoccerJo

    I know I’m late, but this works great for me too!

  • Spiders-design.co.uk

    What is the restrictions? Why is it only a lite version?

    • Max Power

      Mocha *lite* does not allow for a remote Cntl+alt+del command to be able to be sent to a server or any remote workstation that requires a “c+a+del” login