iPhone App Store Rocks Pandora’s World


Another day, another huge iPhone app success story.  Yesterday on Friendfeed Robert Scoble was talking about what a runaway hit  Pandora’s new iPhone app is proving in its first few days out – and the CTO of Pandora joined in the conversation to share some numbers:


Those are some striking stats!  So I asked whether the folks at Pandora had expected anything close to this sort of response, and the answer back was:


Pretty amazing numbers and impact that the iPhone App Store is having in its very early days.  Stats and conversations like these over recent days are showing that the iPHone is not only having a big effect on the smartphone marketplace, but a massive impact for a lot of publishers and companies in all sorts of areas.  This is ‘iPhone as the next big computing platform’ sort of stuff, which seems the most exciting of all the iPhone developments this year …