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iPhone App of the Day: PayPal

PayPal for iPhoneThat’s right.. If you haven’t noticed yet, PayPal has arrived for the iPhone!

If you haven’t used PayPal before, it’s a service that lets you send and receive money securely online. It is the payment method of choice on eBay… which is perhaps why eBay bought PayPal some time ago!

The PayPal app allows you to send money using your existing account. Punch in the amount, and the account you want to send it to, and PayPal does the rest. You can choose from 16 different currencies and login using your existing account PIN or password.

At any time if you wonder what your balance is, you can login to your PayPal account with this app and check your balance. Handy stuff.

The application is stunningly easy to use, and it’s free. So if you use PayPal a lot, this is a must have.


Get it for FREE in the App Store: PayPal for iPhone
More Info: PayPal Mobile

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  • eurgh yet another app that isnt avaliable in the UK

  • This one is available worldwide.

  • Alex T.

    I just download this app, but you can’t send money to your account if somebody send it to you, only you can only send it to somebody.

  • Thomas

    This app is not available world wide, can’t find it in the German app store.