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via Slickdeals.net – InvisibleShield 50% off promo

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If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a billion times – protecting your device from scratches is extremely important, and almost every time I’ve said something like this, InvisibleShield is one of the names I mention that I put my complete trust in. Recently I’ve had my eyes opened to a couple other great brands that provide very similar protection (review coming soon) – but today, what was one of the best promotions around appears to be back on – The Zagg 50% off ‘showspecial’ promo code!

Click on through to slickdeals.net below and then click on through the link they have on that page. The site won’t look any different – until you look at the price tags. By the way – I wouldn’t hold off on this one too long. Last time I thought I’d try to find a better deal, I missed the promo ending by two hours.

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(via slickdeals.net)


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  • impactdni

    Dealness.com offers a daily selection of the slickdeals deal listings, plus listings from a few other Deal a Day shops (woot, stootsi, etc), if you like Slickdeals, might be worth checking out…