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Review: Knapsack 1.1

Developer: TinyPlanet
Price: $40
Mac OS X 10.5
Fully featured (30 Days)

I’ve been putting this review off for quiet sometime. Why, I hear you ask?
…Because I really want to like ‘Knapsack’, i do! But, its just not all there yet.

Have you ever had the feeling of ordering a really tasty meal? So tasty you could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next 10 years of your life? It tastes phenomenal, yet just doesn’t fill you up. You finish, yet you still feel hungry. Knapsack is a little bit like that feeling. Its all comes together really well, has a great foundation yet doesn’t quiet have all the perks of a professional & high quality program.

Knapsack is a personal travel organiser for Mac OS X which allows users to plan, organise, and relive their travel adventures. The organiser allows users to place map pins with location postcards onto the globe, create itinerary’s, trip checklists, sync trip information with iCal and print professional-looking itineraries. It’s user friendly, not to bulky and time efficient. Its great for organising a trip from start to finish to avoid all annoyances and issues. Knapsack has a foundation of features that is seamless and has been executed really well! Its use, integration and sync as a personal organizer is second to none.

Knapsack is only Tinyplanet’s first release and as such I’m left wanting more. iPhoto sync, Google Maps–like interface and an integrated trip dairy are just some of the possibilities that could really lift standard of Knapsack. Tinyplanet and Knapsack obviously have a bright future ahead of them. I cant wait to see all the future updates and releases of this software as I hear a few of these features are already on way!

Basically, Knapsack is a great personal travel organiser. Although it still has a long way to come, it’s a solid program and already has a lot of great features to offer. If you need to get organised for you next trip or getaway, Knapsack is defiantly the only way to go and is honestly only going to improve with future releases.

Head over to the Tinyplanet website and grab a free 30 day trial. Your next trip away will love you for it.

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  • Patrick

    “create itinerary’s” should be “create itineraries”.