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Dust in your iPhonez, clogging up your soundz!

So my best friend was whining to me the other day about how low I was speaking on my iPhone. I chided him for his comment and thought to myself: excuse me, that ‘s because I ‘m a really great and polite person and I try not to speak too loud on my phone in public.

Later on, another friend called me up (I have more than one friend!) and she told me to speak up some more. I had to start shouting at home (so much for being polite ) just so she could hear me say ‘OK ‘. Obviously something had gone amiss in iPhone Land.

I started looking around online and found an Apple support ticket. Article #4 about Lint or dust covering the speakers and mic were of particular interest to me. I set off to investigate the issue with a toothpick, but it wouldn ‘t fit through the stupid micro holes. Then I took up the threader I use for flossing, then micro tweezers “ but nothing could fit into the stupid holes enough to really get the gunk out. Then I got a set of hand needles for sewing and set those bad boys into the holes like a cellular acupuncture session.

It worked! I wouldn ‘t exactly recommend this to anyone, since pressing too hard might just damage something, but I thought I ‘d share my quick experience. I just stuck the needle into each of the holes (even the speakers “ they ‘re loud as they were when I bought the iPhone six months ago). The needle felt like it was piercing layers of dust at some points as if the stuff was caked underneath the black grill. I might still have to open the iPhone to clear it all out, but for now I ‘m fine having poked holes right through the dust cake.

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  • nate94gt

    i had to do that when people complained that they couldnt hear me talking. The dust/lint/mouse shit/etc plugged up the holes. i poked THROUGH the screen though 😮

  • Ragart

    Yeah, I read all sorts of stuff about tearing through the screen and making the speakerphone super loud. I just wanna break as little of my iPhone as possible in getting my sound back. I was nervous enough poking the needle in there. This is the first phone that’s ever acutally gotten clogged up enough that nobody could hear me on the other end. That’s gotta say something about the iPhone’s mic design. Something bad.

  • I agree with Ragart on this one