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Review: invisibleSHIELD for iPhone3G


Alright, cut to the chase time. This is going to be a bit of a different review from what you’re used to seeing come through most blog sites including this one. I’ve already done a review of the iPhone invisibleSHIELD full body shield a short while back so I’m not going to rehash the entire thing. I could go through all the things I went through before, but to be honest most of it remains the same. So, you’re wondering what am I going to do? Well, click on through to find out!


Hey, thanks for following along! Let’s get this bus rolling.

Not too long ago I got an email from invisibleSHIELD touting some new features in their line-up that I think are important to note.


First off, Zagg has started to print the logo on the backing paper. The reasoning behind this is actually quite simple – they want you to know that when you’re getting ready to apply the invisibleSHIELD, you have the authentic stuff. To me, that’s important because if you’re not putting on authentic Zagg material – you definitely won’t be covered come warranty time!


The next is less "orange peel" type effect. There’s a lot of benefit from this one, including improved screen appearance when using the device. For comparison here’s a shot from the original version:


Despite how beat up the invisibleSHIELD is on my top photo – you can definitely see the improvement in the design – there’s a lot less "orange peel" to the shield. Overall this improvement alone is worth considering updating your shield if you’ve had one for a while because the clarity improvement while using the screen is wonderful.


He’s another shot of the newer version. Please ignore the blemishes in my invisibleSHIELD, unfortunately ended up removing it for another review I’m working on, then I had to put it back on again and it didn’t work out as well as I’d planned. I accidentally got it stuck together at one point in the process. Make sure you’re careful and you’re using the spray! Again see my other review for more details on that, but from this shot you can see how much less "orange peel" there is.



Last bit then I’m wrapping this up. Above are just a couple package shots and they’re important to note because they are the keys to doing this whole process properly. Number one, make sure you register the product. If you order directly from Zagg then you don’t have to worry about it – they’ve already taken care of it – but if not (like if you buy it from Best Buy) make sure you send in the warranty card. Number two – use the spray and the squeegee! If you don’t follow the instructions and use the spray as suggested, application of the shield will be much more difficult, and you’ll end up with bubbles and things that you just want to try and avoid.


Alright, final picture and you’re probably sitting there going what the heck is this?! Well, like I said I took the shield off for another case review, but this shot is actually one of the most important ones in the review. Take a second and click the image for a big version. While you’re looking at that big version notice just how beat-up this shield looks. Notice the two huge black streaks on it. Those aren’t coming off and I didn’t draw them on there. I have NO IDEA how the heck they got on the shield – but I do know one thing … they didn’t get on the back of my white iPhone 3G.

So, looking at how rough that invisibleSHIELD looks right now after a couple months of solid use, with those two big marks on them, ask yourself one thing – Can I afford not to have this kind of protection on my iPhone?

*** Details ***

Product: invisibleSHIELD by Zagg

Pricing: Full body – $24.95, Front – $14.95, Back – $18.95

Warranty: Lifetime

Thickness: 0.2mm

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