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Get a Mac!

Yesterday Apple released a new ad, on top of the two new ads released on Monday.  These are Apple’s latest response to Microsoft’s pricey ad campaign: I’m a PC.

Pc shown buzzing Mac for saying the 'V' word.

PC shown buzzing Mac for saying the 'V' word.

The first of these ads starts with PC (John Hodgman) telling Mac (Justin Long) that we will no longer refer to Windows as the “dreaded ‘V’ word.”  Whats the ‘V’ word you ask?  Well I would tell you but I might get buzzed just like Mac.  This must be referring to the big bucks campaign labeled “The Windows Mojave Project” where normal people are tricked into thinking ‘Mohave’ is the newest operating system from Microsoft, only to be fooled into running the ‘V’ word.  Be sure to check out this ad, because it is really funny!  You can find it here.

PC dividing his money.

PC dividing his money.

The second is by far my favorite out of the three new ones.  This one shows PC sitting at a desk with an accountant visor and money in three piles.  you can see PC dividing his money into different funds, “Advertising, advertising, advertising…fix Vista.”  This is definitely a stab at Microsoft’s new $300 million ad campaign.  Yes you heard right, Microsoft spent three hundred million dollars on an odd series of ads with many frills that aren’t needed.  Think about the Mac ads for a second, take this one for example.  You have a table, two actors, an accountants hat, piles of , hopefully, fake money, two lights, and a white background and you have some of the most powerful ads in circuit. I recommend you watch this one, it is thoroughly enjoyable.  You can pick it up on the Apple site. or a direct link here.

PC having a bake sale.

PC having a bake sale.

The third is the newest and equally amusing.  This one shows PC yet again at a table, but this time it is covered in baked goods and labeled “Bake Sale.”  This is a response to the second ad, so be sure to watch in order to get the joke.  My favorite part is right after Mac asks PC how much the cupcake is and then takes a bite, “…now you have to pay me because you had a bite.”  Check this one out on the Apple site or directly from here.

Head on over to the Mactropolis Forums to discuss your feelings on the new ads!  I watch them at least once a day, I can’t get enough!

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