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NVIDIA 9400M to Dominate Notebook Graphics

The latest NVIDIA integrated graphics chip, as featured in the new MacBooks, is set to dominate future notebooks, taking away Apple’s short-lived graphics advantage.

Acer, ASUS, Dell and HP have all confirmed that they plan to release notebooks with the new chip that is described to be ‘substantially faster’ than previous integrated chips. Certain companies claim that as much as 20% of their future Intel-based notebooks will feature the chip which Apple claims will give its new MacBooks up to 5x more performace that its predecessor. It is reported that as many as 10 non-Apple notebooks will ship featuring the GeForce 9400M before the end of the year.

ASUS have confirmed that one of its new notebooks, the F50GX with a 16-inch display, will also feature a dedicated GeForce 9600M just like the new MacBook Pro which allows us to run higher-end PC games.

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