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iPhone Apps — My Top 5

I’ve had my iPhone for a while now and I’d be lost without it. I’ve decided to do a run-down of my top five applications that I have found to be most useful or enjoyable. Although the best applications for the iPhone, for me, are Mail and Safari, this list only consists of apps not already built-in to the iPhone.

1 – Remote

Apple’s Remote application is fantastic. It allows you to connect to iTunes on your PC or Mac through your wifi network and use your iPhone as a remote. You can view your iTunes library and playlists, and even search for your favorite track. Because you’re connected via wifi, you can use your remote anywhere throughout your house, which is great if you stream your music wirelessly to different rooms. You can have your computer running iTunes up in the bedroom and change the track you’re listening to downstairs in the lounge, or even change which speakers in the house you want your music to be played through. Remote is definitely my number one iPhone app.

2 – Facebook

It seems today the world and their Gran has Facebook — everybody has it! What better way to keep on top of your news feed than on your iPhone? I’m not a Facebook fanatic like some, I just check it every so often, and the iPhone app is a great way to do that. With just one click, you can load up Facebook on your iPhone and see instantly if you have any messages or notifications. You can also browse photos in portrait or landscape, chat with friends and even upload pictures instantly using the iPhone’s camera. My favorite bit however has to be the shake-to-refresh function! Little things please little minds…

3 – Real Football 2009

Gameloft’s Real Football is a really impressive game! The 3D graphics are fantastic when you think you’re playing on your phone. You can play in exhibition mode, play for the Cup, the League or even just practice your penalty taking. The controls on the screen are incredibly easy to get used to and this game brings as much joy on the train as playing FIFA or Pro Evolution on your console at home does. Choose from over 198 teams all with real players. You can also join a friend in multiplayer mode over wifi. If you’re a football/soccer game fan, you must purchase Real Football. You won’t be disappointed.

4 – eBay

If you’re addicted to eBay like me, the eBay application is great. It features a nice, clean interface that makes everything so simple. This is a great way to keep on top of the auctions you don’t want to miss! When you search for an item, you can see the full item description plus any pictures. You can then bid on it or add it to your ‘watching’ list. You can view the auctions you’ve won, the ones you’ve been outbid on and the items you’re selling.

5 – Google Earth

The main reason I keep this application on my iPhone is just because it’s so impressive. Not many other phones allow you to see your house from above or zoom in on your favorite football stadium. This application is quick and it looks great and you can even use the location services built-in to the iPhone to allow Google Earth to zoom in on your current location. You can also search for things like ‘pizza in New York’ or ‘Starbucks in London’ and Google Earth will find these locations for you and display information like addresses and telephone numbers. For me, this application serves no real purpose — I really only use it when I’m bored to play around with, but it’s just too good to uninstall.

So that’s my top five iPhone applications. There are many other fantastic iPhone applications out there, a lot of which I am yet to stumble across. If you’ve found an application too good to miss, let us know, or even better, why not let us know your top 5?

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