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Apple Issues Safari Update… Again!

Apple has issued another update to the Safari browser — the second in just two weeks. The new update, version 3.2.1, became available yesterday via Software Update. Release notes for the new update simply said:

This update includes stability improvements and is recommended for all Safari users.

It is speculated this update follows reports from many users who downloaded the 3.2 Safari update and who are suffering from frequent crashes, particularly when the new anti-phishing feature was enabled. A thread on the Apple Support Discussions forums entitled “Safari 3.2 Is Unusuable – Spontaneously Quits,” has 112 posts at the time of writing, mostly from users who are finding Safari unusable after the 3.2 update. And it’s not the only one of its kind either. The same post has also had over 4,000 views, most probably from people who have typed in to Google “Safari 3.2 keeps crashing,” desperately looking for a fix.

I have had no problems with the 3.2 update, but then I have not enabled the anti-phishing feature.

If you’ve had problems with 3.2, let us know if 3.2.1 has solved them!

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