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App of the Day: Brothers in Arms — Hour of Heroes

Gameloft have provided us with some on the best and most impressive applications on the iPhone, and possibly some of the most fun. With titles like Real Football 2009, Guitar Rock Tour, and Asphalt 4: Elite Racing already doing well in the App Store, Gameloft have yet again added another impressive app to the collection.

Brothers in Arms — Hour of Heroes looks fantastic. For what is essentially a mobile phone game, the graphics are clear, crisp and really quite stunning. This game has already been described by the press as; “incredible,” “an achievement,” “it looks and sounds absolutely fantastic.” Gameloft describe it as “the most explosive shooting experience on iPhone!”

Players take on the role of a soldier of the 101st Airborne in an intense WWII battle. Fight your way through 13 missions in 3 campaigns — Normandy, Ardennes and Tunisia. Players also get the opportunity to fight with weapons such as bazookas, sniper rifles, and machine guns, and take the wheel of a Sherman tank.

The only thing that concerns me with this app is the high number of comments from users who have purchased the app and are unable to load it or play it successfully. Many claim the game loads to show the Brothers in Arms logo, then crashes and returns to the iPhone home screen. Others claim they have tried to re-install the app several times and still have no success in loading the game. However those that have successfully loaded and played the game are really pleased, and I’m sure that future updates will solve the crash bugs.

If you’re a fan of shooters, this looks to be one of the best on the iPhone yet. As soon as I get chance I’ll download this game, and provided I can load it on my iPhone, I’ll get a review up. If you’ve already purchased Brothers in Arms, leave us a comment and let us know what your experience has been with the app.

Brothers in Arms — Hour of Heroes is available in the App Store now for $9.99 in the US, or £5.99 in the UK.

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  • jim fisher

    The criticism concerning the crash problem is FULLY JUSTIFIED and has not been addressed in months.