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iPhone 3G Unlock Coming New Years Eve?

According to Gizmodo, and a post on their website, the iPhone-Dev Team have successfully unlocked the iPhone 3G and are planning to release the free software on December 31st.

While it took a little longer than the free iPhone EDGE unlock, it does sound like this is the real deal. The team is claiming a successful unlock, now the next step is to package it up in a user-friendly GUI app like Pwnage Tool.

The ability to unlock the 3G would mean users can use a SIM card from another network provider in the iPhone. For example, you could pick up a contract-free iPhone 3G on pay-as-you-go, or even from eBay, then use the iPhone-Dev Team’s software to unlock it and pop in your SIM card that you have on your current contract. No need to keep topping up or pay the expensive iPhone contract tariffs.

If you have read reports today that there is a feature in the Mac OS 10.5.6 software update that makes it impossible to use the iPhone-Dev Team’s PwnageTool or QuickPwn software after the update, do not worry! The iPhone-Dev Team claim the unlock software is downloadable through “Cydia” on the iPhone itself and will work from there.

The unlock is possible only on iPhones with baseband “2.11.07,” therefore if you updated to firmware 2.2 through iTunes, unfortunately the unlock won’t work for you. As the iPhone-Dev Team points out, they did warn you.

I’m sure this is news many have been waiting to hear for a long while.

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