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Dev Team to Stream iPhone Unlock Demo Today

A couple of days ago, the iPhone-Dev Team announced they had successfully unlocked the iPhone 3G, and that all that was left to do was knock it up in to a nice friendly GUI, and release it to the long-waiting public. Those eager to unlock their iPhones will need to wait until December 31st, when it is believed the iPhone-Dev Team will release their unlocking software via Cydia, however you will be able to watch a member of the iPhone-Dev Team today as he unlocks a 3G via video stream.

A demo of the upcoming unlocking application, named “yellowsn0w,” will be broadcast by Dev Team member “MuscleNerd” at approximately 3p.m. EST today, and will show an iPhone 3G being soft-unlocked before your eyes. The URL to the video stream will be announced via MuscleNerd’s Twitter page just before the demo starts, and he will be using “Qik” on a 2G iPhone to make the stream.

So for the hundreds and hundreds… and hundreds of you out there impatiently waiting for this unlock software to become available, you will today be able to to witness a software-unlock of the iPhone 3G and a taste of things to come. Are you sitting comfortably?

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