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Apple Issues Update to Mail

Apple have today issued an update to their Mail application after many users have experienced crashes following the 10.5.6 software update. Apple have already put up a page in their support section regarding this issue that suggests some possible fixes. As well as problems with Mail, Apple have acknowledged installation difficulties when updating to 10.5.6.

The 1.0 update to Mail is a 58MB download and will require OS X 10.5.6. Apple say:

This update addresses stability issues with Mail. After updating to Mac OS X 10.5.6, Mail may unexpectedly quit.  This can be caused by using a copy of Mail that wasn”t updated properly (you may need to install the Mail Update).

You should be able to download the update via Software Update, however I every time I ran Software Update it said there were no updates available. If you get this, you can download the Mail 1.0 update here.

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  • When will they fix it so it can start hidden at login?