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iPhone Nano Rumors – Now at Raging Inferno Level?

Rumors about a new iPhone Nano model being launched soon, possibly at next month’s Macworld event, have been circulating and heating up over the last few weeks. They now seem to have moved past smoke and fire, and gone into full-on Raging Inferno mode.

iPhoney Alley has got a report up this evening stating that a ‘reliable source within Apple’ has told them they are working on an iPhone Nano and will announce it at Macworld.

They also point out that Vaja Cases – a well-established (and excellent) manufacturer of cases for the iPhone and tons of great mobile devices – have now got a page up listing the iPhone Nano, and allowing you to sign up to be notified as soon as the cases are released.

Check out the iPhone Alley piece HERE for more details.

I reckon the iPhone Nano is looking like it really will be coming out soon. What do you all think?

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  • It’s starting to look hopeful, I actually would like to see it, and would even buy one 🙂

  • nonstoplay

    Although this is still a rumor, it really makes sense in light of Apple’s recent partnership with Wal-Mart. Wal-mart, as you know, caters to price-conscious (and who isn’t these days) consumers. By offering a “slimmed” down version of the iPhone (both physically and feature-wise) at a lower price (say $100.00 new), Apple has the most direct route to these price-conscious consumers, with the added benefit of Wal-mart also serving as an additional distributor of the full-featured iPhones. I really does make sense.