The Fartbox Aims to Dethrone iFart Mobile as Best 'Fart' App in the App Store

No doubt in response to the popular ‘iFart Mobile’ application, the folks at Shining Karma (powered by CXR) have developed their own take on the idea… and have called it ‘The Fartbox’. Lovely, just lovely.

The Fartbox does everything you’d expect. Select different icons to produce different farting noises… or punch up the ‘Fartopedia’ for information on the history of farting and more. The app even supports 5 languages, so this is a truly ‘worldwide’ app :P When I first noticed the different language support, I thought ‘Hmmmm, I wonder how they translated the farts into different languages?’ (bad joke).

At any rate, if nothing else The Fartbox is actually really polished and well done. You can pick it up for $1.99 in the App Store (iTunes Link Alert!). If you’d like to do a heads up ‘fart comparison’, you can always check out iFart Mobile for only $0.99 in the App Store (iTunes Link Alert).

Best of luck to Shining Karma and their efforts to take a piece of the ‘Fart App’ market away from ‘iFart’. (sigh).

Read the press release after the jump >

The FartBox : a new application for iPhone

Featuring by the marketing Web and Mobile agency CXA, Shining Karma presents a new iPhone application, after his first project still available, Halloween Box.

The FartBox is a fun application with many fart sounds. It turns your iPhone a hilarious way.

The FartBox revisited for iPhone and iPod Touch will give you fun and to do silly jokes in a lift or during meeting…Loud or quiet, disgusting or funny, the fart sounds of our fart box will be your best joke for everyday.

How to use your fart box ?

After downloading, just press the pictures illustrating the fart sounds.

Some history of a famous french farter!
Farters were famous during the 19th and beginning of the 20th century. “Le pétomane” was the stage name of the french farter and entertainer Joseph Pujol, shown at the Moulin Rouge.
He was famous for his great control abdominal’s muscles which allowed him to fart as well.

Key features:

  • A countdown fart timer
  • Allow several farts in the same time
  • 12 farts, dry, misty or damp
  • An encyclopedia of fart, the Fartopedia

For more information check out The Fartbox in the App Store!