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iPhone Dev Team Interview at Mobile Crunch

Before the release of the iPhone I used to use Symbian devices (mainly Nokia) and I would always be
looking for the next device, the next upgrade, the next vendor. These devices held my attention for a couple of months and I ‘d be spending my money on a new handset to get the next gadget high. This all changed with the iPhone, for my needs it is an almost perfect device, my eyes have not wandered at all.

Mobile Crunch has done an extensive interview with Pytey of the iPhone Dev Team, just hours before their much-anticipated iPhone 3G Unlock package is due to launch. It’s a very good read, with the topics covered including:

  • How the team work together at great distance and largely via IRC
  • Their relations with Apple
  • Thoughts on the App Store and Apple’s restrictions on apps / developers
  • Some insight on where the ‘yellowsn0w’ nickname for the upcoming 3G Unlock tool came from
  • Thoughts on Android

It’s also good to see that, as per the quote at the top of this post, the Dev Team still loves the device they spend so much time working with.

The interview is definitely worth a read – give it a look HERE

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