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Crayon Physics Deluxe for iPhone Launches

It first became a phenomenon in the beginning of 2008 in YouTube websites around the globe. The Grand Award winner for 2D Physics PC puzzle game in “INDEPENDENT GAMES FESTIVAL” is finally here for iPhone/iPod touch! Paint a picture by dragging your finger across the screen… Presto! The picture becomes an object and drops to the bottom.

Crayon Physics Deluxe has gathered a lot of praise already, and its iPhone / iPod Touch version has been anxiously awaited. I’ve never managed to get into physics type games, but I was very impressed watching the gameplay demo video for this one, which you can check out HERE.

I might give this one a try, just because it looks impressive and probably quite unique. The app is supposed to be available in the App Store now (at $4.99) but I am not seeing it there yet (same for SHOUTcast Radio and a couple other new apps today – probably my issue I reckon) – so let’s say it’s there now, or very soon.

Anyone tried this yet, or keen to get it?

UPDATE: The app still does not show up if I search for it in iTunes, but it is there – at this link

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