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Recommended: iPod Touch Battery Test Videos

I came to this conclusion after a series of tests I performed, beginning with checking the baseline. No sound, no Wi-Fi, minimum brightness, and minimum enjoyment. How long does it last at the very most? 4 hours and 20 minutes of constant, solid gameplay is the most you can expect if you don’t plan to be in the sunlight, hear the game, or be on the Internet.

Much has been made recently about the iPhone and iPod Touch being full-on gaming devices, able to stand comparison with the Nintendo DSes and PSPs of the world. With that in mind, EIC forum member fury has done a pretty comprehensive set of battery tests on the Touch, via continuous game play, and captured them all in a series of videos.

The videos are well done and have good soundtracks – and cover various scenarios from a ‘baseline’ as described in the quote above, with several key items turned off to maximize battery life, through to ‘the mother of all battery tests’ with everything turned on and maxed out.

Head over HERE to see all the videos and fury’s blog post describing his process, and offering some conclusions on the Touch as a serious gaming device.

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