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My Hometown – Success Stories of Austin iPhone Devs

Here’s another item that has brightened up my Saturday – a recent piece in the Austin American Statesman highlighting the success of a couple of prominent Austin-based iPhone developers. I’ve been living in Austin for about 8 years now. I’ve previously lived in a fair few other places, and some great cities, but nothing can match Texas’ capital!

Austin game developer Brian Greenstone has been riding a wave of sudden celebrity.
In the past few months, Greenstone has been interviewed by CNN, The Wall Street Journal and Time magazine’s online edition. It’s all thanks to several Mac computer games he developed years ago that he tweaked in the spring so they could be played on the iPhone …
Only five months after uploading the games on to Apple’s App Store, sales of his games have reached $4 million, of which Greenstone gets 70 percent through his company Pangea Software. Some Pangea titles include “Enigmo,” “Antimatter,” “Bugdom 2,” “Nanosaur 2” and “Billy Frontier.”

I’ve heard of Pangea Software a lot, since way back when the App Store was launched, and had been aware of many of their popular titles – but until today had not realized they were based in Austin. Yay Austin. Pangea are easily one of the top iPhone publishers it seems, both in terms of financial success and in the quality of their apps.

A second successful iPhone developer mentioned in the Statesman’s article is Glenda Adams of Aspyr Media, the creator of the excellent Lemonade Stand game for the iPhone. My daughter and I play this one a lot (I’ll do a quick look review of it soon) and like it a lot.

After putting it on the App Store at the end of October, Adams promptly sold 30,000 copies of the game for 99 cents each.

Anyway, good to see some hometown folks thriving in the iPhone development arena. 🙂

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