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Macworld 09 Keynote – Very Little iPhone News So Far

So far, the Macworld 09 Keynote (without Steve) has had very little iPhone-related news. Phil Schiller told us at the outset that the focus would be on Mac today, and so far we’ve mostly heard about upgrades and improvements to iLife and iWork.

One iPhone item that looked interesting is a new app called Keynote Remote – that links wirelessly to the desktop Keynote app, for slideshows / presentations. It has vertical and horizontal views, and allows you to flick with your finger to move through slides.

I’ve been following the keynote via:

Gdgt Live (the new site from Ryan Block and Peter Rojas, the founders of Engadget)


Chris Pirillo’s sneaky live audio stream

What do you all think so far? Have you been following it live?

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