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Best Buy Now Selling iPhone 3G Refurbs Too

If you’re looking for a discount on an iPhone 3G (in the US) and you don’t mind a refurbished model, your range of choices on where to get one has just expanded. Best Buy outlets are now selling refurb 3Gs for $149 (for the 8GB model) and $249 (for the 16GB) -so both are $50 off the cost of a new model.

AT&T had also been promoting discounted iPhone 3G refurbs (and may still be – checkthis page for details) – at the same prices as Best Buy are currently offering.

As with new phones, the refurb models require a 2 year contract with AT&T – and come with a one-year warranty from Best Buy. These discounted units are available initially at 350 Best Buy outlets, and will be in all stores by the end of January.

Via: iPhone Central

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