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Why Pocket Informant Should Be a Big Hit on the iPhone

I’ve been following the progress of WebIS’ development of Pocket Informant for iPhone for quite a while now, most recently via Dan’s sneak peak posts over the last few days. The more I hear about it, and think about it, the more I feel like it should have a very good chance of being a big hit in the App Store.

Why? Well it’s got a sterling track record on other mobile platforms and has won stacks of awards as a best PIM (personal information manager) application over the years. And it’s developed by an established mobile publisher, WebIS, who have an excellent reputation for both the quality of their titles as well as their excellent support for them.

Those are solid, good things to have going for you, but there’s one more big advantage that really ups their odds in my view …

My final reason for thinking PI should emerge as a big success is that nobody else is doing what it will do. I don’t recall seeing any real powerhouse apps that will handle Contacts, Calendar, and Tasks for you on the iPhone – all in one app. As far as I’m aware there’s not a real heavyweight PIM product in the App Store yet.

PI should nicely fill that void – especially if it gets it right in terms of syncing with Google Calendar and Toodledo (for tasks) – i.e makes syncing painless and your data available to you seamlessly across iPhone / web / desktop.

There are some very good task manager / to-do list programs, and maybe some worthy calendar apps (I’m not sure, haven’t searched much for these). The built-in Contacts app is nice – but a single app that lets you work with all the main PIM functions, and does it elegantly and effectively (which I expect PI will), and gets syncing right should be a real winner.

I am very fond of Things for task management, and love both its iPhone and desktop versions – but if PI meets most or all of the expectations mentioned above, I’ll certainly be giving it a good long look.

If you haven’t seen them yet, check out some of the recent WOIP coverage of PI – HERE, and HERE.

What do you all think? Is this an application you’re interested in / looking forward to?

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  • It has been the ONLY app I have been looking forward too

  • Ragart

    it’ll need push notifications though, dog gone it. Otherwise I won’t get any alarms for when appts start. I like those alarms!

    it also won’t sync with my RTM account 🙁

  • J – great to see you here again, and yeah I recall that you are a big PI guy.
    Ragart – RTM sync would’ve been sweet – and hopefully Apple is going to get in gear on push notifications any moment eh? 🙂