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Steaming Hot – iSteam Nets $100,000 in First Month

In case you needed any, here’s a bit more evidence of the astounding success some iPhone developers are achieving and how rapidly it can come. It seems that iSteam – a big hit in the App Store’s Entertainment category – is set to earn its creators $100,000 in revenue in its first month since release.

According to a report at tgdaily, the app has been downloaded over 1 million times in just two weeks! If that’s accurate, that’s pretty stunning. Here’s their brief description of the program:

iSteam features an incredible graphics engine that renders foggy, wet overlays on top of any image from your iPhone’s library with astounding realism.

We’ve got this app and my daughter likes it quite a bit. The effects it creates are a lot like steam on a car window on a rainy day. You can choose a background image to get all steamed up, and once you steam up the screen (by blowing on the mic) you can draw or write on it just as you can on steamy car windows or a bathroom mirror after a hot shower. It even makes squeaky sounds as you erase or write on the steam.

It’s a fun program, and one of those ‘show off the iPhone’ sort to show to friends as well. So congrats to the “bunch of 22 year olds” who are behind the app …

Spotted this via a Friendfeed message from Mona N.

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