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iShoot App a Huge Success, Developer Quits Job as a Result

I happened to download the ‘Lite’ version of iShoot the other day. It reminded me of an old PC game I used to play back in the computer lab back in high school called ‘Scorched Earth‘. It is in essence the same darn idea… and lots of fun.

At any rate, developer Ethan Nicholas started the app more as a hobby project… But when things took off, $$$ no doubt hit his eyes and bank account, and he has since quit his day job at Sun Microsystems. Estimates are that he’s pocketed quite a bit of cash. As ARS Technica puts it:

iShoot is just the latest in a series of applications that have caused developers to strike it rich thanks to the App Store. Supposedly, at least 10,000 downloads per day are required to reach the top spot of the Top Paid Apps section, and iShoot has been there for several days now. 10,000 downloads of iShoot per day translates into $21,000 of revenue (after Apple’s cut), so even a few days at the top of the list can earn a developer over $100,000. In the case of iShoot, the only additional marketing was the Lite version, so the return on Nicholas’ time has been high.

The ‘lite’ version of iShoot limits you on the number of weapons you can use, number of opponents and much more. The full version gives you an array of cool weapons, more tanks and levels to play, and a lot more. My recommendation? Download ‘iShoot Lite’ to get a taste. If you like it, Ethan has it priced at a measly $2.99, and in my opinion if you enjoy the Lite version you’ll love the full version.

Congrats Ethan on your success with this app… And all the best for many more!

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