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Cool New Mac Mini Concept from Sait Alanyali

Every once and a while a design concept will pop by my way. Today’s concept is one of those. What makes this one different and interesting (at least to me) is it has to do with the Mac Mini… Not the MacBook, MacBook Pro or iPhone as we’ve become accustomed to seeing.

Looks like designer Sait Alanyali did a lot of work on this one. Kudos for the hard work and hours no doubt put into it. Great work.

Take a look and be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments.

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  • Joe

    I’m impressed. Attractive, functional, and retains the small size. Win, win, win.

  • dbcn

    dumb. elegance erased once it has 5 cables coming out of it…from underneath?

  • Harvey

    If the rendering in the main image is correct, then the Apple logo in the rendering that says “The media center for your TV” would be upside down… not right-side up as shown in the illustration.

  • Kid Plutonium

    3d software does not does not automatically turn anyone into an industrial designer. It’s really important to understand the balance between function and form. However simple and attractive one may find Sait’s design, we should also ask ourselves: how much of this design is “necessary” and how much of is “3d porn?”

  • Pietro

    Truly awesomely awful! A compact design that is no longer compact. And if I needed a car wheel stop, this wont do it, as the corners would will slide too easily.

  • Ed.

    The designer does need a short course in physics, though. Cold air enters the unit at a point that is higher than the exit point for hot air, and a fan isn’t present? That won’t happen on this planet.

  • http://www.saitalanyalidesign.com Sait Alanyali

    Hi, I’m the designer of this product. Thanks for your interest. There are some renderings here, but the video would be much more helpful. Here is the link: http://www.vimeo.com/2352794

    As for the comments, I’m not a 3d software renderer. I’m a product designer. I know this is not a Mac Mini for Apple to produce. It’s just a concept, a visual expression of my imagination and my experiences with the product.

    After watching the video and some details, I’m sure some of you will change your minds :) Don’t forget it’s just a concept.

    And by the way, there’s a new concept, Mac Tower, be sure to check that out: http://www.vimeo.com/2747335