It's a definite keeper for me. I'm hoping that some of my favorite UK titles will follow The Telegraph's lead and get their native iPhone apps going soon.
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New: iPhone App for UK’s Telegraph Newspaper

The Telegraph is a new iPhone app that brings you the news from the UK’s Telegraph family of daily / Sunday / online papers.

I have to admit, I’m a big fan of British (broadsheet) newspapers – I prefer them to most US papers by a long shot, as they seem to offer more meat, more variety of topics covered, and more well-written editorial pieces. Oh, and of course I get to see heaps of coverage of soccer, rugby, and other sports that get nearly zero play in American papers.

So I’m very happy to see a UK paper bring out a native iPhone app, even if it’s not amongst my favorite UK papers (I prefer The Independent, The Guardian, The Times). I’m not sure, but I don’t recall seeing any other UK titles (or even very many non-US titles) come out with native apps before this.

Here’s some more details on The Telegraph’s features, along with some first impressions on using the app:

It offers a good, broad range of coverage, with these top-level sections: News, Sport, Finance, Travel, Motoring, Technology, and Telegraph TV. Tapping on any of these takes you to the main page for the chosen section – where you get quite a nice article listing that includes photos and story summaries …

Selecting an individual story gets you a fully iPhone optimized page with text and photos. Very nice article pages …

Each main section page is nicely divided into its sub-categories. I like the layout and navigation within the app quite a bit …

I’ve also enjoyed the ‘How about that?’ news section that covers ‘strange and unusual news’ …

The Telegraph is heavily sponsored by Cisco – there are Cisco ads virtually everywhere you go in the application, including short video adverts when you go to the ‘Telegraph TV’ section. Fortunately, the design of the app is very well done and these ads have not detracted from the reading and viewing experience for me.

Speaking of the Telegraph TV section, that’s another area I’m enjoying a lot. Today I was delighted to find an interview with Eric Cantona, Manchester United legend and all-round footballing genius …

The app has certain pages and screens that load a little slowly, even on a WiFi connection – and even the artistically rotating ‘T’ logo doesn’t keep you from noticing this in places. A bit of work is needed on that I think.

Overall though, this is a very nice app. It’s been very well executed for the iPhone and contains a heap of great content. It’s a definite keeper for me. I’m hoping that some of my favorite UK titles will follow The Telegraph’s lead and get their native iPhone apps going soon.

You can find The Telegraph in the App Store now, and it’s a free app.

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