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Apple Bans Facebook Access From Retail Stores

No, no, this isn’t Apple banning the Facebook App for the iPhone *shudder*, it’s Apple standing up and deciding to ban the Facebook website from all of its stores! Seems as though Apple has had a problem with people coming into retail locations, and spending hours upon hours ‘facebooking’ on their computers. Apple stores have become somewhat of an ‘internet cafe’ for some… You know, come in, sit down, do your ‘facebooking’ and spend roughly 3, 4, 5 hours there 😛

Apple hopes that by blocking Facebook, they will eliminate this ‘time theft’, and free up the computers for those that really want to test and try out the systems. Makes sense to me.

Darn that Facebook, why is it so addictive!? 😛

MySpace was banned from Apple Stores back in May 2007, for similar reasons.

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