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How Do You Shop for Apps – Help an iPhone Publisher Learn More About Your Habits & Preferences

Ilium Software are one of my favorite iPhone (and mobile) software publishers. They’ve been producing stellar, award-winning mobile apps like eWallet for many years. Their latest iPhone offering is Apples2Oranges, which I posted about recently.

Ellen – one of the head honchos (or honchettes) at Ilium has done a post at the Ilium blog site, asking for iPhone / Touch users to help them out by filling in a survey on what people want from the App Store. Things like how you find out about new apps, whether you shop mostly via your iPhone or desktop or both, thoughts on pricing for apps, free apps vs. paid, and similar topics.

Part of Ilium’s motivation to do this survey is to take some of the guesswork out of identifying iPhone users’ likes and dislikes regarding the App Store. Also, presumably this will help them to tailor some of their own approach if they get good information back. So this your chance to tell a major iPhone developer that you want all your apps to be $4.99 or less, or that the App Store just HAS to implement free trials – share all those good thoughts with a company that wants to listen.

As an added incentive, they will be giving away ‘a bunch of iTunes or Amazon gift cards’ to those who fill out the survey.

The survey asks some good questions, and is very short and quick to fill out – it took maybe 2-3 minutes.

If you have just a couple minutes, check out Ellen’s post HERE and have your say on App Store subjects and maybe grab some gift cards for your efforts. 🙂

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