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QuickLook: Zombieville USA – Zombies beware!


Zombieville USA. Where to start on this nightmare? How about here: If Zombieville USA doesn’t make it into the top 50 and I’d even be willing to say the #1 spot within a couple weeks – something is wrong.

Let me say that another way… if you’re down for kicking some zombie ass then this game needs to be on your shortlist of games to buy. End of story. Now I could go on and on about it, but its a simple game that’s incredibly well done and in my mind really does deserve the hype I just gave it. Will everyone agree with me? Doubt it. But I’m having a blast (literally) with this one. Click on through for a quick rundown of the game and some more screenshots…


Nothing says off to a good start like the cliche pissed off country boy with a weapon. Here’s the basic gist of the game. You’re a pissed off country boy, you have a gun, and there’s zombies. Doesn’t take a brain surgeon to put together two and two does it?

Zombieville USA is basically a side scroller shooter. You get to move in either direction (ala Super Mario Bros.) but ultimately the goal is to get to the end of the level by walking and killing everything you come into contact with.


Herein lies the problem, and what makes Zombieville a truly challenging game – Money and Bullets. I’m here to tell you that there isn’t a whole heck of a lot of either of them. This isn’t like old school Contra where you could just hold down the fire button and never let go. You’re on a serious ammo budget in this one – almost to the point where its a fault in the game.


I understand making the game a challenge (I’m cool with that) but I have to tell you more times than not I’m on the verge of being completely out of ammo in all my weapons. There’s only two ways to get ammo. Hop in one of those houses which wither gives you money or ammo but not both, or you buy a new weapon. Buying an upgrade to a weapon does not gain you ammo – so if you’re out of shotgun shells and upgrade the shotgun… no extra ammo.

The big issue is the houses. There’s seemingly no intelligence built into them – so quite often you’ll go into one with no ammo and come out with no ammo, but more money. Hell, I’ve gone through almost and entire level and not gained any ammo, and when you’re going through 100 rounds between houses on the higher levels that is a problem!

I see a couple solutions here, one being add some intelligence to the houses so they don’t give you money when you need bullets, the other being let me buy some ammo at the end of a round like I can buy health. Trust me – by level 20 no number of bullets is gonna save your ass anyway!


Alright, enough with the complaining. Zombieville USA kicks a lot of zombie butt when you have the ammo. Here’s a couple good rules to live by: 1. Don’t let the zombies get near you (easier said then done) 2. Count your bullets Dirty Harry. Zombies (even a single one) can easily smack you down faster than a pissed off spouse and knowing the number of shots it takes to kill one can save you not only ammo, but a lot of health.


Case in point. Notice the fact that zombies can come at you from either direction. Now, if you’re low on health and you take the time to stop and fire at the zombie in front of you, the zombie behind you is going to be eating your brains in no time flat. So the best strategy is to keep on the move in this situation. But if you move too fast – you’re running right into the zombie in front of you before you’ve whacked him. Knowing that the UZI takes six shots to kill saves your ammo and your ass.


Reality is Zombieville USA is something Apple needs to put up on the featured page. Its such a simple game, but its done so well that its guaranteed to keep you coming back again and again to see how far you can make it. There’s a bunch of weapons (15) to keep things interesting (including a hilarious chainsaw), and while the zombies never change and the scenery never really changes, the game somehow remains engaging.


Zombieville USA hit the store on Feb. 15th which explains why you may not have heard much about it yet and will set you back $2.99 – so not a lot of cash. I bought the game yesterday and so far I’ve killed the battery in my 2nd Gen Touch 3 times so I definitely think I’ve got my moneys worth, and I’m bound to get even more moneys worth since I’m far from done playing this one. Even better – post your scores below. I want to know if I’m really kicking zombie butt or not…

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EDIT – MORE SCREENSHOTS – Can you beat level 27?


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  • fiuza78

    Thanks for sharing Brandon. I’ll try it!

  • fiuza78

    Hello Bandron,

    I tried it! It's an incredible piece of software. Loved it. Best game so far.

    I made it to level 21 killing 482 zombies. Too many dark green zombies around, and too few ammo. How did you manage to get that far? Is this game beatable or is it like those attari games?

  • Yellowfacedbunny

    I made it to level 24 killing 845 zombies. How many levels are there?

  • There are no limits that I've seen in the levels. I've made it to level 30 something with well over 1000 kills and seen no end in sight…

  • Cody

    im currently on easy on level 51 and no end so far

    • zombie killer

      wow! your far but i have seen everebody and amazing results! level 27 so far for me.

  • Zombieslayer

    I've had the game for less than 3 days, but I already made it to level 29 with 2,276 kills.

  • I've made it to level 39 with 2,282 kills on normal level.

  • Jedoonat

    Ammo conservest, level 58 with 706 confirmed kills. The damn game is addicting with the new update. And the ninja is a badass!

  • ZombieExterminator

    I'm up to level 73 on hard and so far,merely 7031 kills! By the way, I have $14,971 with the ninja and there is no end to the game!!!!!

    • Hahaha that’s amazing! Kudos

  • Chris

    it maxes out at 99, i personally didn't get there but i saw it on the internet

  • dMullins

    Just beat level 46. Used the ninja and sword up to able 25+ then had to sword/murder-ray swap from there onward. Fun game. I play on Normal difficulty and I don’t see how anyone could possibly beat Level 122.